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Our Mission

SolidShe, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental wellness for teenage girls and women, through advocacy, education and service.

We aim to target stigma that surrounds mental illness, and inspire good mental health for women and teen girls by Influencing social change and targeting stigma by delivering key messages designed to educate and encourage access to much needed information, support and social activities.

Having a strong support system is vital to maintaining good mental health. For that reason, we seek to empower women and teenage girls with mental health conditions by emphasizing the importance of taking care of the mind, body and spirit 

It is our goal to encourage our members to seek knowledge and awareness to help build confidence and a strong sense of self worth.

We plan to accomplish this by planting and nurturing seeds for success, promoting and reinforcing positive actions and behaviors and providing helpful resources to each of  our members. 

We hope to collaborate with families, businesses and organizations whose goal, like ours, is to empower and inspire "silent Sufferers" in our community.


Our Services

Peer Support

Peer support services are an evidence-based mental health model of care which consists of a qualified peer support provider who assists individuals with their recovery from mental illness and substance use disorders.

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Community Service

Community service allows those participating to reflect on the difference they are making in the mental health community.  With each new community service project, some participants may gain insightful experience in a variety of areas.


We provide programs for youth who are struggling with mental health issues. Examples include the use of mentors in a general helping capacity to put the youth on a positive path, to help youth avoid negative or harmful behaviors, and/or to help youth keep depressive symptoms or attitudes at bay.

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Our workshops are used as a means to encourage open dialogue about mental health which creates a platform for women to share stories, information and empowerment through conversation to help break the wall of silence surrounding mental illness within minority communities.

What Our Peers Are Saying

Thanks to your Cupcakes and Conversation, I was encouraged to go to a therapist. I was hesitant and did not want to go. But in the end I am glad I did... So thank you so much for encouraging me to go and get help.


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"Maneuvering Through Darkness In Search of the Light."

Barjohn Lee