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Barjohn R. Hall

Through her own life's journey, 

filled with low self-esteem, a negative self-image,

 and a bipolar diagnosis- 

Barjohn was determined to overcome the

crippling effects of negative self-talk and learned how to

silence her inner critic. 

Along the way,  Barjohn discovered that the development 

of self-worth and self-awareness is one of the most powerful tools 

a woman could ever possess. Since her revelation, SHE has

been on a mission to help empower women in mind, body

and spirit and is allowing her voice and her story to be told.

Barjohn is utilizing SolidShe, Inc. as a platform to

encourage and inspire women by providing them with

the necessary tools, support and a safe space of healing 

for those who are struggling with their mental health. 


 Barjohn and SolidShe, Inc. seeks to

empower every woman, EVERYWHERE!

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